Hello world!

This is the beginning of something new. A new healthy and happy mind free from anxiety and poison. This will be the place where I document my journey towards a happier life. I place where I will find motivation and hopefully some support while trying to pursue my goal to become free from anxiety and live a richer and less stressful life. I will work hard on all levels and hopefully get to know some of you that have the same ambition as I. I will share parts of my life with you, a life where my daughter occupies the majority of my time but where there is also room for reflection, healthy eating, love and much more. It is time to get healthy and live the life we want to live. For me that includes getting rid of the anxiety that I suffer from since years back. Lots of Love – Fanny

My name is Sofi, I'm a Swedish mother in London who wrestles with brain-ghosts. I've suffered from anxiety during my teenage years and it all escalated when I got pregnant with my sweet little girl last year. This is my attempt to live a healthier, happier life free from anxiety and poison - follow my journey or join me!

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