How to beat the blues

The blues are there and so is the stress and sleep deprivation the alienation towards one’s new body. Sprinkle some extended family drama on that and I can almost promise you that you will experience some form of mild anxiety. The majority of mothers will experience some form of anxiety post their pregnancy and according to official numbers about 15% percent of new mothers will feel so bad that they qualify to be diagnosed with postnatal depression. I am well aware of the fact that we can’t always treat mental illness and that one might be in need of serious care and medication. But If you do experience the blues, a ‘lighter version’ of postnatal depression there are some things that you might consider looking into. I will do a few posts where I give you my best advice.

I hope you will enjoy it !

Lots of Love

My name is Sofi, I'm a Swedish mother in London who wrestles with brain-ghosts. I've suffered from anxiety during my teenage years and it all escalated when I got pregnant with my sweet little girl last year. This is my attempt to live a healthier, happier life free from anxiety and poison - follow my journey or join me!

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