Must haves when vacaying with a Toddler

So I’ve only been a mother for a little bit over a year but since I originally come from Sweden and my partner is American, we travel a lot and have done so ever since Clementine was four weeks old. We have been to both cold and warmer places but this list that I have made today is mostly for the warmer trip that you might go on. I will do some more list in future where I will focus on other kinds of information but I hope you will enjoy this one for now. All products are organic and with no BPA and they are the ones I choose for my own little sweetheart.

  • 1: The best organic sunlotion there is. Stays on after swims and is fragrence free for babies sensitive skin.
  • 2: Great UV suit with matching hat. The brand has a bunch of different patterns but this one is my favourite!
  • 3: A floatie is a must if you are planning a trip where there will be water activities involved. This way you can put an UV suit and a bunch of suncream on your little one and then hang out in the pool together.
  • 4: If you have a toddler or your baby just started walking, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a pair of summer slippers or sandals. Sand can get really heated up during warm day and the same goes with paygrounds. I really like these ones from TOM’S, they have many patterns and are easy to slip on.
  • 5 Sand toys! A mush have, do you remember how many hours one could spend digging around, building castles and forts? A fun activity to do with your kids. Just remember to be careful with the sun!
  • 6: A pestemal beach blanket that dries up super fast. Beautiful earthy colours and made out of organic soft cotton. Great to have by the pool or the beach.
  • 7: One of my more important tips. Lavender oil. I use it for almost everything and just love it’s calming effect. When I travel by plane I usually spray a little of the oil on a blanket or a pillow, for both me and the family. Very good if you like us are somewhat nervous flyers.
Lots of Love

My name is Sofi, I'm a Swedish mother in London who wrestles with brain-ghosts. I've suffered from anxiety during my teenage years and it all escalated when I got pregnant with my sweet little girl last year. This is my attempt to live a healthier, happier life free from anxiety and poison - follow my journey or join me!

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