Non-toxic essentials for your travels with the little ones

Since I’m a native Swede and Clementine’s grandparents and our families live in both Sweden and America we travel a lot and have done so since she was three weeks old. She is a sweet child but we have of course still gone through tantrums and both nights and flights with no sleep. I know that there are a lot of nervous parents out there that might be taking their child on their first flight or maybe the first flight might already have taken place and it went somewhat bad…

I have therefor collected my essential items for a stress-free flight with the little ones. I hope you guys will enjoy it and try some of the items out. They are all organic and nontoxic for both you and your child’s safety.

I always travel with this Travel changing mat from numero74. It is such a great little brand that focused on non-toxic items that are handcrafted and traditionally dyed. It is great to be able to change diapers on a clean and safe space instead of those cold, dirty airport toilets.  I adore this brand and own everything from a canopy to clothing. I highly recommend!

The bottles come from a brand called Béaba and consist of a 2 in 1 Set BabySqueez Soft Refillable Flask + Conservation Container. They are great to bring on your trips since they are easy to clean and won’t break when the kids throw them around. Neither will they leak so it is a great option to store smoothies in or whatever liquid you prefer of course.

I like to dress Clementine in one-pieces when we travel, for her and mine comfort. This cute light blue one with pink doggies on comes from a great little brand called Bobo Choses.

I love this hand sanitizer from Dr. Bronner’s. It’s Organic and smells of lovely Lavender. It quickly kills bacteria when no soap and water are available and come in this cute purple spray flask.

We have all heard about the magical BABYZEN YOYO+ buggy. Everyone got one and it really is an essential item when you travel with kids. The buggy is super-lightweight- and easy to fold, the compact proportions allow this buggy to be easily stored in the smallest of spaces. Is comes in a range of pretty and mild colors. We have both a light green one and this beige one.

This is a product that makes me proud of being a Scandi! STOKKE have really outdone themselves with this bed-box/ ride-on suitcase. It is called JETKIDS BedBox and is both a ride-on suitcase and an inflight bed or leg-rest feature. And allows your child to rest comfortably or sleep during long and short haul flights. Also, this one come in a range of colors and you even have the possibility to personalize it! Really an essential for long haul flights, your child will be able to enjoy riding in first class without the extra two thousand pounds being spent.

I hope you guys will enjoy the items and get as much pleasure out of them that I do.

Lots of Love

My name is Sofi, I'm a Swedish mother in London who wrestles with brain-ghosts. I've suffered from anxiety during my teenage years and it all escalated when I got pregnant with my sweet little girl last year. This is my attempt to live a healthier, happier life free from anxiety and poison - follow my journey or join me!

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